“Imagine Me There” by Ringo Starr

When the curtains move

In breezes unexpected

Don’t you worry

You well always be protected.


Imagine me there

When you see the dancing shadows

In the moonlight

You will alaways have my love

To make it alright.


Imagine me there

Let the dawn break

Without heartache

All our lives


Never lonely

Dream and I’ll be

By your side


Trust in love and love is everywhere

Imagine me there.


When the next room

Feels as far away as China

You can always know, for sure

My love will find you.


Imagine me there…


Sometimes life can be

A fragile occupation

When I think myself in frantic situations

I imagine you there

So imagine me there

Imagine me there.

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Una respuesta a “Imagine Me There” by Ringo Starr

  1. Jedan dijo:

    [•×•♥•×•Metal Station•×•♥•×•]


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